How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back by Vashikaran

Use a powerful mantra to attract ex-boyfriend, convince for love marriage, and get rid of his extra affair in his life to clear all the misunderstanding, using the best vashikaran services by Shivansh Astrologer! With 15+ years of experience, our baba ji has the best expertise and experience required to ensure that you get your former lover back in your life. You can get married to him and achieve relationship goals. Today, I share some useful tips and mantras on how to get ex-boyfriend back by vashikaran mantras.

Disclaimer: Vashikaran is a very powerful astrological service and is advised to be used under the guidance of an expert. If you’re using these mantras at home, using some online remedies, make sure you are fully aware of the correct procedure. Though no bad effects but could have a slight effect on you and the person. Therefore, consulting a trusted vashikaran specialist, Shivansh Astrologer on how to get ex-boyfriend by vashikaran services will ensure that you get 100% safe results.

How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back by Vashikaran

Why Using Vashikaran for Boyfriend Is Best Choice?

For centuries vashikaran is used to solve problems. It’s considered the best mantra to get back lost love and lover easily. They’re considered stronger than black magic as they effect is last long. Vashikaran is derived from Sanskrit from Vashi and Karan which means to hypnotize, attract, influence, or control with the use of a medium like mantras, tantra, or yajna. Using spells is quite popular as it is safe to be used on your ex-boyfriend. Some of the benefits of using these mantras are as follows:
• By use of these mantras, you can easily attract the attention, affection, and get care of your former lover.
• You will slowly start to see positive changes in him. He will fall in love with you completely.
• You can easily convince your boyfriend for love marriage. In case, he had broken up because his parents aren’t accepting you, they’ll start to like you and you both can lead a happy life.
• Do you think he was stolen by another girl? Easily these mantras will create a rift in their relationship and he will be all your again forever.
• All the misunderstanding and ego issues will resolve and you’ll be back as a happy couple.

Tips To Use Mantra to Get Ex-back by Vashikaran

There many vashikaran mantras for boyfriend back online available across the internet. The purest solution is the right spells that can help you get results. Shivansh Astrologer with 30+ years of experience, also claimed as Lost Love back expert in this field and has helped many couples get back their partner and get to live the desired life with them. Before using these mantras, know that vashikaran is very powerful and cut the effects of even the most black magic. Only, someone who is proficient and experienced can help you with accurate spells to patch-up with your boyfriend.

  • Remember to use the remedies as directed by the vashikaran specialist. You should follow it step by step and to make sure that everything is done correctly. If you miss any step, this can undo everything and will make your efforts futile. So, be careful.
  • Chant with belief and confidence. Half-hearted work leads to half work. If you chant mantras will clear conviction in mind, you will see results quick and long-lasting.
  • Discuss your problem in detail so that the expert can help you get the right spell for your problem.

Get Effective Boyfriend Vashikaran Mantra by Shivansh Astrologer

Trust an experienced vashikaran expert, Shivansh Astrologer who has over two decades. He has helped many young ladies to get back the love of their life. Many of whom had broken up due to various reasons. His mantras have extracted accurate solutions with an assurance of a 100% result. Some of the popular spells he suggests to get ex-boyfriend are as follows

Strong vashikaran Mantra to Control Boyfriend

These spells are ideal for those whose boyfriend has a habit of cheating, flirting or lying regularly. There can be misunderstanding and fights that lead to a breakup. These are simply the strong mantras to get control over the boyfriend and get to stay in your life as your always desired.


Use this mantra 111 times at the stroke of 11 pm. Make sure you chant it with clear rhythm facing the north side of your house. Make sure you close your eyes which signify blinded trust of your lover that you wish to control. 

Mohini Vashikaran Mantra for Boyfriend:

Mohini vashikaran is also called love mantra in Hindi. This very popular with everyone who wants to make their former lover fall completely in love! You can get back the same vibe in your relationship and seek a happy marital life later in life. Through these spells, you will become irresistible to him, he will start to get attracted to you and you’ll become the apple of his eyes.
For this, you need fresh roses and ghee Diya along with a picture of your lover. Vashikaran using a photo is very effective and you’ll get to see results quickly. Make a circle with the rose petals and in between keep the photo and Diya lighted in front of it. Chant the mantras at mid-night 1340 times constantly. Make sure the diya does not flicker or dies down before your chanting ends. You will see results within 24 days slowly and effectively.

Our Baba ji also provide solution for How to Get Ex Girlfriend Back by Vashikaran

Convince Boyfriend for Marriage:

Every girl wants to have a relationship with a future and commitment. In case you’ve broken up because he doesn’t commit you for love marriage or his parents won’t accept you due to inter-caste love marriage etc then use these spells can help you. Any confusion on his side will change and he will be confident about marrying you and making you his wife.
Chant these mantras 1111 times having a picture of Lord Shiv Ji and Parvati Ji. Make sure on Monday’s you light Diya before shivling and give roses. You will see results in a month. His behavior will change towards you and soon propose for marriage. His parents will accept you and you both can happily live forever.
Consult Shivansh Astrologer for genuine vashikaran for boyfriend services! We assure you 100% results.

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